Colour Everything With Love


The purpose of meditation is to look inword, to reach a state of inner spirisoul’s connectedness with God and all life. We are strengthened by the fearlessness that comes with identifying with soul. e live in the knowledge that we are immortal. By looking inword, we go to the source of wisdom from which all outer knowledge is derived. Through meditation we can go beyond the door of death to meet the bliss and beauty that await us beyond. We no longer live in fear of death.
Saints who have seen past this world say that death is not something to fear, but something to embrace. Kabir said, “The death of which other people are afraid is a surce of happiness for me. It is only with death that I attain everlasting bliss.” St Teresa of Avila has said of death, “I do not die. I enter into life.”
For enlightened beings, life as we know it on earth is sleep. Death and entry into the kingdom of God is waking up. St Paul said, “Oh death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”
Behind many fears is the fear of loss, pain and death. Having experienced our immortality, our fears begin to dissolve. The soul, in its state of oneness with the Lord, fears nothing. It only fears ignorance of that oneness. In reality, sin is merely ignorance of truth. Sin means being unaware of God and the lows of truth and love that govern all the universes. It is a simple formula: virtue is what brings us closer to God, sin or evil takes us away from God.
If we walk on the path of righteousness, observing the laws of non-violence, truthfulness, chastity, humility and selfless service and spending time in our spiritual practices of meditation, then we have nothing to fear in this world or in the beyond.
When we see the same Light that is within our soul in all other soulds, we experience connectedness with all forms of life. With such a bond of unity, we realise that all beings are members of our family and life becomes one joyous reunion with everyone we meet.
The joy of family gatherings extends to the whole of humanity. Love permetes all our dealings because we are among our universal familty and friends. By journeying within, we can reach this state and consider all creation our familty and all places our home.
Unending bliss is ours when we look inward. Sufi saint Shamas-iTabrez offers a glimpse into this state of bliss: “Please do not ask me about my inner state of being. My senses, intellect and sould are intoxicated, and they have achieved a permanent bliss of intoxication. The roots of these trees are drinking the secret wine of love. Have patience, because one day you too will wake up into this state of intoxication. In my mind, there is a festival of intoxication. Feel the effect of the wine of Divine Love, so that even the walls and door are intoxicated.”
When we are in love with an earthly beloved, the whole world takes on the colour of love. We see things as rosy and blissful. Similarly, when in a state of bliss from within, it colours the whole world in bliss. We then see ecstasy wherever we look.

The Speaking Tree, Page: 18, 18, March, 2011