Think once before you utter the word “Bhaiya”

You dont have right to call me bhaiya. Please mind your language when you speak next time” was the spontaneous response when he was trying to submit his application to window no. 2.

The dark guy entered into the hall and asked a ball pen with me to write an application. As soon as he finished with it, he headed towards the window no 2 and spoke something in a gentle nepali voice. Few conversation occured between this guy and the officer. Suddenly, the guy got fired and then the above scene triggered.

The nepali officer looked old, thin and his hair turned blakish grey but he talked only in hindi. He was not able to speak in Nepali, may be due to prolonged stay in India. However, It is unfortunate to call a young man bhaiya by an elder person and i too feel ridiculed in such situations.

That was an appropriate punch to that man at a perfect time. I know the old man didnt mean to hurt the guys sentiment and was polite enough while talking but this time was not right. The time has completely changed its face and the meaning of bhaiya has taken a new turn. The word has become so common and is over looked now and it conveys the sense of racism. Not only in Nepal but the trend is also taking pace in entire india calling bihari bhaiya.

No, we dont have any right to call anyone a bhaiya just for he is dark in color or he pulls a rickshaw or he sells vegies n fruits  on Thellas.  Let us respect ourselves and preserve humanity. No one has become superior by making someone feel inferior, our greatness is indicated by our attitude and Karma. Bhaiya is a word to call our elder brother with respect, let us not change it’s meaning. Let us think once before uttering this word. Let us not be a part of Racism voluntarily or involuntarily.

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