Mullah Nasrudin…


Philosophers, logicians and doctors of law had come to court to examine Mullah Nasrudin. It was a serious case, because Mullah had admitted going from village to village saying: “The so-called wise men are ignorant, irresolute, and confused.” He was charged with undermining the security of the state. “You may speak first,” said the king. “Bring pen and paper,” said the Mullah.

Paper and pens were brought. “Give some to each of the first seven savants.” The pens were distributed. “Have them separately write an answer to this question:” “What is bread?” This was done. The papers were handed to the king who read them out:

The first said: “Bread is a food.” The second: “It is flour and water.” The third: “A gift of God.” The fourth: “Baked dough.” The fifth: “Changeable, according to how you mean ‘bread'”. The Sixth: “A nutritious substance.” The seventh: “Nobody really knows.” “When they decide what bread is, ” said Nasrudin, “it will be possible for them to decide other things.” Is it not strange that they cannot agree about something which they eat each day, yet are unanimous that I am a heretic?”

-Idries Shah

The Speaking Tree, Page: 03, 6, June, 2010


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