How Telecom Operators cheat their customers?

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I am an Airtel User. I was charged 2Paise/Sec for no any Tarrif enabled. i.e. 1.2 Rupees for 60 Secs. This amount was quite expensive compared to charges of other Operators. So, one of my friend suggested me to do the following:

1. First, generate a UPC (Unique Porting Code). This can be done by sending an SMS to 1900.
The SMS should be in this format: PORT

This should be sent to 1900
Operator SMS charge will be applicable.

2. In reply, you will receive a UPC (Unique Porting Code) as SMS from 1901. The UPC will be an 8 digit alpha- numeric code. You will also receive the date till when the UPC will remain valid in the MM/DD/YYYY format.

3. Wait for the call back from the Customer Care.

Well, the process is changing the Number Portability from one Operator to another. Great, I thought of changing to MTNL.

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BUT Guess What Happens when the Customer Care Called…

She asks: What is the reason for changing the Operator?
I reply: Well, it is too expensive for me to use this Operator. Please shift me to MTNL

She explains: Sir, We have these plans (30Paise/Min for this tarrif, 40Paise/Min for another Tarrif) for you & are cheaper than ur current Call Rate.
I replied: Mam, Isn’t there any scheme that charge me on the basis of Per Second not Per minute.

She Explains: Well sir, there is a plan where you will be charged 1.2 Paise/2Secs. Can I activate this Plan?
I replied: Mam, the Line is getting disturbed, Can you repeat the plan once again? (Had to confirm the plan, LOL, and to think for a while for calculation.. heheheh, yeah.. means 36Paise/Minute, ummm gr8)

She Repeats: Sir, there is a plan where you will be charged 1.2 Paise/2Secs. Can I activate this Plan?
I reply: (Already had made my mind ). Definitely Mam, Thank You Very Much.

She says: Sir, your plan will be activated in 2.5Hrs. Thank You.
Guys this is how works happening in India. “Saala, Sidhi ungli se to Ghee nikalti hi nahi”. I was damn unaware about this. I’d have saved thousands of bugs if I’d ‘ve known this earlier. Friends, If you are an Airtel user & still a victim please Follow this post and let others also know about this information.

I wonder how people are cheated by all these bureaucrats.

Thanx for Reading

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