Economy Picking


Most guitar players think the basis of real speed is a good fret hand (generally: left hand) technique. If your left hand is fast, you will be able to play fast. So, many players train mainly their left hand, and the right hand is kind of left behind. Players who then discover that they need to improve their pick hand (generally: right hand) technique, go to their favorite guitar webpage (, only to discover very little information (or lots of information scattered all over the entire webpage) about a better and faster right hand technique.

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Guide To Sweep Picking

Hi, welcome to my second lesson, this time on the extremely popular (and feared) technique known as sweep picking (or simply known as sweeping). I’m going to try to keep this simple and leave as much terminology out as possible (I think that it is better if you practice sweep picking with distortion turned on, that way you can hear where you are screwing up). Continue reading “Guide To Sweep Picking”

Sweep Picking II

Well, when you watch someone sweep, it will almost look like they are strumming, but their fret hand looks like they are picking complex patterns. From the looks of it, it may seem very complex, but the concept is actually quite simple. Now, don’t jump ahead and say “Oh, yeah! This might be easy!” On the contrary, sweeping is a very advanced guitar technique that can take tons of practice. The concept is easy, but the technique can take a while to get used to. Now, if you don’t have patience with it, you will probably never learn it. So, that being said, let’s get started!

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Lateral Dexterity

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One of my students asked me if I had any exercises the focus on positions shifts and improving speed going up and down the neck laterally rather than keeping in position and going accross strings, which was something I must admit that I had never looked at in isolation it just always happened naturally for me. So I told him I would have a think about it and see if I could come up with a few exercises. I also looked on here to see if I could find a lesson of a similar ilk, but alas no. So I actually did some work and came up with 2 exercises and a variation on each one and thought I would post them here incase anyone else was looking for the same thing as my student. Please send questions and comments on a postcard!

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String Skipping II

String skilling is a very difficult skill to master. If used correctly, you could yield very interesting and original results in solos, especially codenzas. A codenza solo is a solo with just one instrument and no other accompaniment. The most famous codenza is “Eruption,” Eddie Van Halen’s classic two handed tapping outro has stumped many young-guns for years.

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