Twenty first Century Kids Love

What are you little children doing here? I saw these two kids, a girl and a boy of 5 or 6, holding their trousers and trying to fasten in a hurry as I suddenly opened the door of the toilet. They replied nothing but shyly giggled and ran out of the door. This scene created thousands of thoughts in my head. What were those kids doing inside the toilet putting their pants off? Were they sharing kids’ love? Why were they playing in a private place? What game were they playing inside a 3X3 closed toilet with the doors closed? What made them do such an activity? And many more…Not sure what exactly the two little kids were doing but I want to relate this story with the teenage love of this age. A girl of around 16 was pregnant for 35 weeks. She didn’t even share this information with her parents. Suddenly when their parents came to know about her pregnancy they had no idea what to do except panic. Investigation begun. The girl revealed the truth. According to her, The boy liked the girl. Approached her via her friend. Dated her for a couple of days. Finally, after having sex for the first time the boy disappeared. Became contactless. Leaving everyone suffering after 7 months. This is just one example of 21st-century love. Like this, I have heard and seen a couple of dozen cases in Nepal as well as in India where amateur girls got aborted and carved scars for lifetimes. Well, I have no objection to the kids for making their teenage love. One can make as many as one can but the point is are the kids able to cope with the level of tension created due to the amateur relationship they have created? Do their relationships create peace of mind or complications? What mental and psychological effects are they going through? Are our kids getting proper counseling in their school? Do the guardians give good care to their children? How is sex education taken and given to our children? Being a father of a son I am highly concerned about this matter. I am concerned for the future of today’s kids. Kids nowadays are more concerned about friends and relationships rather than their studies and homework. Very few children are focused on their work and career. Also being a social worker I would like to convey a message to all the teachers, caretakers, guardians, and parents to accept the responsibility of their students and children and give them proper care. Be open. Talk to them. Make a friendly environment. Try to reveal their secrets. In order to make a balanced life for our children, periodic counseling is required. What is happening in the children’s life? Like physical health, we also need to take care of the children’s mental health and psychological status. Physical health problems can be cured easily by medical treatment but psychological issues are often complicated and maybe too expensive. Hence, as a teacher and guardians, it is our responsibility to keep track of our children’s activities. By continuously monitoring their behavior and habits we will be able to help them build a healthy careers. And hence a better world.

Good luck. Happy parenting.

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