I cannot help myself, I am a Farmer

I went on helplessly watching his tears, continuously rolling down his innocent eyes, physically weaving the fish net but mentally somewhere in a deep thought or pain. He gradually went on sighing without feeling any disturbance made by the children play aside and fighting to concentrate on his job.

This is one of the unforgettable moment of my life. I always asked my self, the reason behind his tears.

It took me more than a decade to understand the incident, the incident of that old man who was sitting at the corner and trying to weave the fish net.

Today, I can feel the same pain that the old man felt years ago when I found my two buffaloes dead which I bought a month ago in 70K*2 = 1.4lacs rupees and someone poisoned my fish pond which had more than 1K small fishes which I bought last week in 1K*10 = 10K rupees. Then my wife shouts at me “Bastard, why don’t you go and die with those fishes in the pond?”

I don’t have a clue, what to do now except weaving my fish net and gradually cry from the within. I don’t blame you god, this is my fortune I am born with. I don’t blame you god, I am a helpless farmer.


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Courtesy: The Third Revolution by Paul Harrison


Every European leaves lifetime’s waste one thousand times his or her body weight. For every person in the Third World, two thousand square meters of rainforest are destroyed each year. Our habits, and our numbers, are wrecking the planet.
Crisis spurred the agricultural and industrial revolutions. It may now speed the third revolution – the transition to sustainable development. There reace is on between our power to damage, and our power to achieve balance with the environment.
Can we act before circumstances force our hand? Hamlet had less than half an hour to live when he finally killed Claudius. Can we break the Hamlet syndrome?

The Story of Life, BackPage, Vol. 5 Jan-March-2011