MTNL Broadband Browsing Problem

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I am using MTNL Broadband for 1 and a half years. I had never faced Webpage browsing problem since then. I called MTNL Customer Care many times but they fooled me. Problem still not solved.

Then I started searching regarding the problem my own. I googled with the same title as this post. I found that huge number of MTNL Customers facing the same problem.


After continuous haunt for the solution I found a blog where the author introduced me about opendns. It was a new topic to me and was not that concerned. I followed the comments on that post I found some dns ips and was told that if updated on your system’s network config Browsing Problem would vanish.

Immediately, I updated my dns configuration. God damn, it worked. Thanks to the auther.

Following are the DNS IPs :,

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