“Over the course of one year, give a coin to each person who offends or upsets you,” instructed the abbout to a young man. For the next 12 months, the boy gave a coin to each person who offends or upset him, as instructed. At the end of the year, he returned to the abbot to find out the next step. ” Go into town and buy food for me,” the abbot responded. Once the boy left, the abbot changed his cloths, and disgusied himself as a begger and went to the gate. When the boy approached, he began to insult him. “Good!” said the boy, “for a whole year I had to pay people who upset or offended me, and now I can be attacked for free, without spending anything!” Hearing this, the abbot removed his disguise.

“He who does not take insults seriously, is on the path to wisdom.”

The Speaking Tree, Page: 03, 6, June, 2010