Thank you, you all are God for us!

“Delicious smell of the fish curry”, murmured the e-rickshaw driver. He added, “it’s navaratan time. It was my turn beside him to speak on, one of my favorite topic. Instantly I replied, who cares, nobody can stop him who eats. I appended, God, most people don’t believe. Do you, my brother? Yes, I believe he whispered. Why do you believe God, brother? God has given me what I have.

Don’t know why but I always turn offensive when the topic arises on God. I can’t resist myself to give my views on it. I believe and always convey to all that God is null and void. It is nothing but an entity created by human being.

Well brother, but all the things that you have are the fruits that you have earned through your hard labor. I don’t think that God has given you a single thing, did he? I follow because all people follow. And hence I go to temple too. He puts his example, if you are good and people starts to believe and follow you then I must also follow you.

I replied with a mild giggle and falsified his example. My friend that is not always true, he fell quite which assessed that he got confused or determined. I continued, God is created by us and hence we wrote about him in books “Ved and Puran” thus people started to promote it and people who feared started to believe on God.

A complete silence was there until I reached my destination. I de-boarded, paid the charges and spelled my last words. Brother, thank you, you all are God for us. I looked at his innocent face then there I found not more than a decent smile.

I believe that there is only one God for me, the Humanity and we should worship what humanity serves. I mean to say there is God within us, in you, in me and within every human being. We should learn to find out God there, the existing Supremo as we see him in the stones of the temples. Thus, by respecting, caring and loving each other we can make this world more beautiful, wonderful and peaceful.


नव वर्ष २०७३ एक सिख

भगवान – (भुमि, गगन, वायु, अाग, निर)
इन पाच तत्व से बना है भगवान, इनही तत्व से बना है मनुष्य ।
हम ताे निकले थे भगवान के खाेजी मे, यह ताे है हमारे अन्दर ।
पुजते है हम ब्रम्हा, विष्णु, महेश काे, देख पाया इन्हे कभी नही ।
कहते है इन्हाेने बनाया हमें, आया मैं माँ के कोख से।
उन्होंने कहा वो बसते है मंदिरों में, हम यही मानते चले आये।
जब है भगवान अपने अंदर, भटक रही है ये संसार क्यों?

नव वर्ष २०७३ का सबको हमारी ओर से शुबकामनाए। सदैव खुस रहे।


Colour Everything With Love


The purpose of meditation is to look inword, to reach a state of inner spirisoul’s connectedness with God and all life. We are strengthened by the fearlessness that comes with identifying with soul. e live in the knowledge that we are immortal. By looking inword, we go to the source of wisdom from which all outer knowledge is derived. Through meditation we can go beyond the door of death to meet the bliss and beauty that await us beyond. We no longer live in fear of death.
Saints who have seen past this world say that death is not something to fear, but something to embrace. Kabir said, “The death of which other people are afraid is a surce of happiness for me. It is only with death that I attain everlasting bliss.” St Teresa of Avila has said of death, “I do not die. I enter into life.”
For enlightened beings, life as we know it on earth is sleep. Death and entry into the kingdom of God is waking up. St Paul said, “Oh death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory?”
Behind many fears is the fear of loss, pain and death. Having experienced our immortality, our fears begin to dissolve. The soul, in its state of oneness with the Lord, fears nothing. It only fears ignorance of that oneness. In reality, sin is merely ignorance of truth. Sin means being unaware of God and the lows of truth and love that govern all the universes. It is a simple formula: virtue is what brings us closer to God, sin or evil takes us away from God.
If we walk on the path of righteousness, observing the laws of non-violence, truthfulness, chastity, humility and selfless service and spending time in our spiritual practices of meditation, then we have nothing to fear in this world or in the beyond.
When we see the same Light that is within our soul in all other soulds, we experience connectedness with all forms of life. With such a bond of unity, we realise that all beings are members of our family and life becomes one joyous reunion with everyone we meet.
The joy of family gatherings extends to the whole of humanity. Love permetes all our dealings because we are among our universal familty and friends. By journeying within, we can reach this state and consider all creation our familty and all places our home.
Unending bliss is ours when we look inward. Sufi saint Shamas-iTabrez offers a glimpse into this state of bliss: “Please do not ask me about my inner state of being. My senses, intellect and sould are intoxicated, and they have achieved a permanent bliss of intoxication. The roots of these trees are drinking the secret wine of love. Have patience, because one day you too will wake up into this state of intoxication. In my mind, there is a festival of intoxication. Feel the effect of the wine of Divine Love, so that even the walls and door are intoxicated.”
When we are in love with an earthly beloved, the whole world takes on the colour of love. We see things as rosy and blissful. Similarly, when in a state of bliss from within, it colours the whole world in bliss. We then see ecstasy wherever we look.

The Speaking Tree, Page: 18, 18, March, 2011

Open Heart, Open Mind


Shed your bias if you want to lead a life of bliss, writes STUTI MALHOTRA

You will agree that life dishes out different kinds of challenges to different people. Everyone has to face difficulties, problems, setbacks at some point or the other. My life appear to be one long-drawn out struggle. Like most people, everytime I faced at yet another problem that sapped my patience and forbearance, I asked myself in despair: Why me? Why can’t life ever be smooth and hassle-free? These questions seemed to have no answers.
Being a religious person in the traditional sense of the word, I concluded that God was unhappy with me. So I made every effort to please Him. But I got no response. Was I dialling a wrong number?
As time passed, I began to lose faith in someone who could not answer my questions and lead me to a more meaningful life. I resolved to find the answer myself. To set my mind at rest, I became a seeker.

Life Is A Test
In the course of my journey as a seeker, I discovered the Creation Plan of God. According to the plan, life is a test and its many problems are part of that test. Once the test comes to an end marked by death, we are either rewarded or punished, in accordance with our deeds.
This world is like an examination hall where a student, with all the freedom to write whatever he wants, takes tests. It is only the result which determines his future. The student is made to confront pleasant and unplesant situations — all meant only to test him. His response determines the life to come.
This was a logic to which my mind yielded without questioning. Everything fell into place. In the framework based on this ideology, I discovered that all phenomena of life were well-explained. To an explanation-seeking entity called man, only true reasoning can initiate him into the process that will eventually help him to discover his Creator.

God Is Generous
I desired little, but God gave me much; for what can be greater in this world than a satisfied mind? It is said, ‘Ask God not for a specific thing but pray to Him to bestow upon you what He deems best’. It is possible that while you might be praying for a small car, God may wish to bless you with a luxury vehicle such as a Rolls Royce!

Looking back, I want to thank God for having granted me the ability to understand and acknoweldge the answers that were presented to me.

I have come to realise that you become receptive to the wisdom of life only when you free yourself of biases. If you are unable to shed your bias, you become a dwarf thinker. It is important to live with an open heart and mind, so that you can think beyond your conditioning and discard inhibition and fear. When you discover the meaning of life, God Himself undergoes a transformation. This metamorphosis develops your personality and helps you to grow spiritually. It also helps you achieve material success.

The Speaking Tree, Page: 05, 6, Feb, 2011,


God Checks my Patience…


9 Jan 2011, Sunday,

As soon as I woke up in the morning, I put on my face, sat for vipassana. As long as I continued the meditation the huge loud music went on the very mornig. Well, today, Sunday. Nobody banged any morning before like this. I felt quit absurd but continued. Thought that may God check my patience and didnt hold my breath but did what I was supposed to do.

What happened the next was I went for breakfast. The canteen was filled with few number of students, I sit for there, waited for moments, paratha was being prepared. I noticed, people started to gather more and more. Right there, the first lot came, parathas finished in no time. Well, I waited for some more moments, felt normal and expected for the next lot. Ya, this time it took more minutes. Suddenly, the worker came with huge amount of parathas. One of the worker put parathas into plates and distrbuted among us but except me, lot took no time to finish again. Ah, I wondered with jelousy and guilt and murmered myself, what is that?. I totally felt impatient. Couldn’t stop myself, words started to come from within – hey, dont’ you see this little shit sitting here and waiting since long time? Or am I invisible that one put plates infront of the guyz beside me and not of me? Blah… blah… Bahadur bhaiya became the victim. After few minutes, the third lot arrived. Bahadur bhaiya himself put two parathas for me. As soon as I tore the paratha for my first bite, I felt something inside myself. Now, what I realised was the shame inside me. Ah of me, questioned myself, Why, why?

The greed, cruelty, guilt, jelousy had vanished now. Why did these came for a moment and made me wholely impatient. They remained inside me for just 2-3 minutes. I was totally impure. Oh me, shameless. Was this because I was expecting for something or my valuable time I was wasting for nothing? May because I was jelous with the other guys or people don’t care me. I was filled with egos and selfishness. Yes, because I was silent and covered my face with the hood of my pullover and nobody did recognise me.

Ha ha ha ha… I remembered GOD. So this is you who is taking my test time to time. Well, I failed it. No worry. Sure, I promise you, I will pass it one day. I will pass it one day…. I swear, my heart and soul will be compltetly pure that day.

Let all beings be happy, Let all beings be liberated.